Hello there, visitor.

I am Jasper Backer, some 24-year old guy from the Netherlands.

My interests include geek stuff such as (Linux) servers, sound technique, proper music (When overcommercial / bad music is near, you'll catch me with headphones to keep me sane*) and ofcourse, some other things which might vary from time to time.

I have a girlfriend, Heleen. She's wonderful. <3

I am working as a support engineer at a web hosting company.

I play fretless bass guitar from time to time, but I am not in a band as of present.

*No, really. Commercial radio stations should consider actually playing music instead of forcing their same playlist with extremely bad "music" all over and over again.

Want to contact me? You can, pick one of these ways:

  • Mail: jarpse [at] jarpse.nl
  • Phone: Ask me if you need it.
  • LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/jasperbacker