Hello there, visitor.

I am Jasper Backer, some 23-year old guy from the Netherlands.

My interests include geek stuff such as Linux servers, sound technique, proper music (No stuff you hear on the radio, but real music*) and ofcourse, some other stuff which might vary from time to time.

I have a most wonderful girlfriend, Heleen. <3

I am working as a support engineer at a web hosting company.

I play fretless bass guitar, but I am not in a band as of present.

*Real music would include projects Steven Wilson is involved in (Blackfield, Porcupine tree, etc), Insomnium, and more stuff I would describe as indie, dubstep, drum 'n bass, grindcore, death metal or even acoustic/real-ish music (Einaudi, Heather Nova, etc).

Want to contact me? You can, pick one of these ways:

  • Mail: jarpse [at] jarpse.nl or jasper [at] foobar.cx
  • Skype: enoclue (Please do state how you know me, though)
  • Phone: Ask me if you need it.
  • LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/jasperbacker